Football is dead! Long Live VARball!


I am very sorry to learn that Premier League also caved in to Hawk-Eye and will use VAR next season. At least football will be dead in the land it was born. R.I.P Football.

I ask Premier League authorities to reconsider. VAR adds nothing to football but it brings major injustice. Football is played and judged in real time. This has been the case for hundred years. The only just game is the game where the referee whistles only what he sees. It is not a referee error if the referee did not whistle what he did not see. The only referee error happens when the referee whistles what he did not see. Video images are a different reality. Video images are not the absolute true images of the game. The true image of the game is what the referee sees. VAR forces the referee to whistle what he did not see. You bring major injustice when you judge the majority of positions in real time and judge the most crucial positions in past time. This is like judging the first qualifying heat in a 100 meter race with photo finish and the second heat without photo finish. Can this be even thinkable? So absurd. But VAR does exactly the same thing. You basically change the unit of measurement in the middle of the game. This is absurd. VAR is a conspiracy to turn football into a type of TV spectacle like American Football so that the VAR intervals can be used to insert commercials. Don’t kill football to please Hawk-eye!

Football is beautiful without VAR!

We love football as is!

Premier League, please reconsider!

Premier League! be the savior of the beautiful game!

We don’t want VARball!

We love football!!!


— And as I suspected, American Footballization of Football is more imminent than I thought. Howard Webb: “I think eventually we will see referees announcing the outcome over the PA system. That is popular in the US.” What a shame for football to be taking lessons from American Football. Sad, sad, sad days for our football!!!!